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New Game Assets (Updated) By william Trail

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 02.46.09

Above flower crab Plant

Warriors Shrine

Above old Shrine


Above Fire Plant Design

Life plant

Above Life orb Tree


Above Life Orb Container.


Above Life orb

Below  Adult and Baby tree Designs

Adult and baby tee designs.




Flower Crab 1Flower Crab 2Flower Crab 3

Above Flower Crab plant.

Adult TreeBaby tree

Above are the Adult tree (left) and Baby tree (right) I designed them like this so that it could add more diversity into the level instead of just shrinking the size down.

A shrine which would be used as a Checkpoint

Finsihed Shrine 2Finsihed Shrine

Projectile Plant, a plant like creature which shoots out energy projectiles at you.

Projectile plant 2Projectile plant

Venus Fly trap Plant- Originally intended to lash its huge stem back and forth at approaching enemies but changed into background art.

Venus fly trap PlantVenus fly trap plant 2

From Left to right is

Item Box, designed to be a quick access for use of items.

Fire Plant, A plant made of Fire warm’s travellers as they pass by.

Life Shrine: A shrine which cures Traveller’s injury’s

Item boxFire PlantLife fountain 2